Ultimate Frisbee party 11/12/2008

Tonight it was the ultimate Frisbee Xmas party but first instead of playing Frisbee I went down the pub for a Xmas curry with Jay, Peter, and Malcolm, had some nice raucous reindeer beer. Didn't get too drunk, as I had to move on to hell's pizza in Fulham for the ultimate Frisbee celebration. I navigated to the place using my GPS ok and found the others just about to tuck in so I joined them in having unlimited pizza. I tried the hot one but it wasn't hellish. Also had some slices off their dessert pizza which included banana and chocolate flavour. I as a bit disappointed there Adams family pinball didn't work, but we made up for it with a game of Frisbee with a giant inflatable Frisbee in the place and outside in the street. We popped along then to the arbiter a nearby pub which had a band playing and also had an upstairs cinema. We listened to the band for a while and sat in the settees and dentist chair provided. Then I set off rather sensibly to catch the last train home.



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