Ascot 20/06/2009

Up far too early and popped on the 3 piece suit and hat and shades. Unfortunately I had to catch a bus to whitechapel before getting the tube to Victoria. I was luckily quite early for the bus and got a seat on the top near the front, with Adam, Cathy, David and Jacqui and Ed and Steve, we looked like we would potentially need to raise our umbrellas for the ride but just as we set off the light drizzle subsided. It was a bit windy up top but I was ok in my 3 piece suit, but I off course couldn't keep my hat on when we hit the A4. We were treated to champagne and croissants on the journey. There was some difficulty in getting the champagne into the cups but not too much damage was done. We arrived fairly early at the car park to the silver ring and got a good spot, Ross, set up the marqui and a substantial amount of food, pimms, beer etc. The weather was quite variable, the sun would pop out from behind a cloud and you would be baking one minute then quite cold the next. I made a good effort to get photo's off everyone when they were sober and also had fun squirting people with the candy spray I had brought along. About 1pm we actually headed into the silver ring and got a rough place by the race track in timdo:e to see the queen go past. I was also able to switch to Adnams to drink, though I was dissapointed to find there was quite a queue for the gents, though no were near as bad as the queue for the ladies which was humungous. Maritza was also at Ascot but she was in the grandstand, we were able to wave at each other from acroos two fences. I tried to see if I could get an upgrade to the grandstand as it was quite crowded in the silver ring, but they were also sold out. Also bumped into Lauren from work. There were a good few winners on the last race a nd we retired to the bus to consume more alcohol and food and wait for the queues to go down. We set off in very good spirits and had an impromptu karaoke session on the top deck off the bus u ntil we got back into london, when our main entertainment was waving at passer bys and throwing beer and crisps to pizza delivery men. The bus stopped at clapham and a lot of folks got off to party on, but I stayed on till waterloo as I suspected that I would not be able to keep the light coloured suit from coming to grieve for much longer if my alcohol level went up any further.



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