Betws-y-Coed 04/10/2009


Left after a half day and went to catch the 1 pm train to chester, changed at chester to Llandudno junction, then changed there to get to Betws-y-coewd. Luckily there was a bus outside the station that took me to penmachno and the eagles pub and bunkhouse was just yards from the bunkhouse. I dropped my bag in the bunkroom I was to share, with Grant, Simon and Graham and myself and Dave Murray who had also arrived early went for a 50 minute run, which was quite nice. When we got back roger had just arrived and we popped into Bets-y-coed as the eagles wouldn't be open till 7pm. We had a nice meal sitting outside the stables bar, and we met Carolin who had also come up on the train. We got so:me booze from the local supermarket and then headed back to the eagles to meet the others. Clare, Sarah and Nicola were all in the bar and we were soon joined by the rest of the crew, no one was along too late despite the long journey, brain, Darren, Steve, graham, Carla, Tamara, Glenn, were along and Steph and sally also some new folks, eismee and aimee Australian twins and Maritza their friend. We had some nice welsh beer and had a good seat in the corner and stayed in the pub till it closed then retired to the kitchen area upstairs.


Up for mountain biking, we popped into betws and picked up our bikes from the centre. I got a nice hardtail and popped my own pedals on it. Then graham set off at a good clip and I just kept up with him, there was a very steep climb on the road of about a mile and a half to start with till we got to the start of the marin trail at post number 59. Within just a few short sections it was just me Dave and graham, graham was very good on the slightly technical bits, but I could keep up because there was a lot of climbing between the off road sections. It was a good and tiring route, and by the end I was leading on the single track as it required quite a bit of climbing a number of the others bailed out and Simon's mate Dave had a good crash. Luckily our little group got back first and got to the stables bar and ordered a nice fish and chip lunch, and we were joined by Nick O'donnel for lunch as he was in the area. After lunch we did some mass shopping around all the outdoor shops in bets-y-coed, but I was very good and restricted myself to a new washbag. Back then to the place and I had to go on a run myself for about 50 minutes, found a bit of another mountain bike trail to run along. Dinner was in the eagles in two sittings. Chili con carne with ice cream for dessert went down well. Afterwards we had a singalong in the bar with Dave on the piano making up songs about the eagles and about will one of the guys in the bar. Didn't stay up too much later after the bar closed as it was an early start the next day.


Up before 8am to get our kit together and Dave gave me a lift to the white water rafting centre. I was in a boat with, Steve, Dave, and Maritza and we took turns in having various positions in the raft. I managed to get my helmet came working and was very glad of my neoprene socks and gloves and shades, that the others didn't have. We had four goes in all I think as I started at the front of the raft and ended in the front of the raft with Dave, were we got absolutely drowned at one point in a stopper, we also had good fun on the way down splashing the other raft with, Steph and sally in it. It was pretty cold and we lost 2 of our crew including Steve by the last run. We had a nice bacon butty afterwards, then myself and Dave joined Nicola to drive to Tryfan. Tryfan was a very good scramble. It took us 2 hours to get to the top. There were a number of false peaks and we had to pick our routes, a number seemed to to branch in different ways but meet back at a point higher up. It was quite a challenging ascent and we didn't take many breaks. We were chuffed to make it to the top which had two large rocks you could jump between. We saw a chap do it, but we weren't tempted. The way down was much easier around a scree slope and past the whinging goats to the car. We then headed back to the eagles and I didn't have time for a run as we were being taxied into betws for a meal. Glenn was hogging the bathroom with his bath. But we made it in time. Myself, Dave, Nicola, Clare and Brian went to the dragon Chinese restaurant and we had a banquet literally, five courses including bird nests, king prawns, crispy roast duck etc etc, felt quite stuffed by the end of it. Met up with the others then at a hotel bar, struggled to drink the dark mild I purchases and then we caught the disco taxi back to the eagles. Here we had a few more drinks and my bunkroom of guys were the last to go to bed. I held out till about 2.30 am, but I think the last were in about 4.30am.


Today was Snowdon day, myself and Dave followed roger to the hotel at the bottom of Snowden were we parked up and met up with all the others. We then had a brief climb up to the shop at the base of snowdon were I had an ice cream before setting off. The first part was a very easy but steep in places stairway, then we had a decision to make as to whether to take the easy route or go the hard route. We went the hard route, myself, Dave, Clare, Maritza and aimee and Roger. He route was called crich goch and was a bit exposed at some points enough at least to cause a very long tail back of bodies trying to get along the ridge, but we got past them ok and made good speed the to the top of snowdon. Unfortunately the café was closed though. We met Carla and Niccola and some of the others that had come the easier route, and I set off back down with Carla and Sally and crew, but then when we got to a big lake I found Dave and Maritza running down the mountain so obviously I had to do that as well. We got to the gift shop first and I bought 4 beers as you had to and handed them out to folks. After a brief rest we went back to the eagles ans whilst Maritza and Dave took the opportunity to be the first in the bath I went for another 50 min run, this time doing more of the mountain bike run in a bit of a speedy manner. I had time then to get a shower and join the second sitting for dinner in the eagles. After dinner we played darts with the locals. I should have won my match getting to a checkout quickly but I failed to get a double, but then no other 8thday bloke won either. We were also treated some fire twirling from Simon, and were entertained by Dave and Steve's attempts to emulate him.


Up quite early and set off with Dave to the conway café. We got there early with roger and maritza and got our order in for breakfast and ate it outside which was nice. Dave then gave me a lift into betws-y-coed to the train station. I caught the 12.19 pm with Carolin and we were pretty lucky with our 3 connections, but the train from crewe to euston was packed and we had to sit on my bag. It was half an hour late but still a decent journey overall.



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