Champagne Tasting 10/03/2009

Off to the Hide bar. Very good turnout, but not surprising as this was a champagne tasting. Karl and Hazel were also having their meet up there. Chris anise Sarah, Rita, Pete Lloyd, Penny, Lynn, Sylvia, Victoria and Christine were there. We certainly picked a good time to be there as it was a great tasting, the lady from Bollinger was very informative and we got to taste 3 Azalea champagnes and maybe 4 Bollinger champagnes. We also unexpectedly got oysters and some risotto which probably helped me be less drunk. I got to taste pink champagne for the first time, and Lynn won a whole bottle of the stuff, describing the archetypal drinker as Kate winslett. Afterwards we tucked into some more zero dosage champagne to celebrate Penny's engagement before staggering home.