Charlotte flat cooling 15/08/2009

In the evening set off for the firefly bar in Clapham to see Maritza. Sandy was already there and we set about putting Maritza to work making us cocktails. We even looked up a few on the internet for her to make, all were rather good. We bade a fond farewell then and set off to charlottes, a bit of a walk it turned out but we were able to pick up some beer on the way and some cans of pimms for charlotte. It was very warm by the time we got there and we tested the structural integrity of Charlottes balcony by getting a number of us on it. Lots of folks were there, Ed was up and about with knee, Raj, Rachael and Carla, Julia, Steve and Sabina, sandy, jenny, lea and her tri-athlete boyfriend. We had a good time even tried mixing a few of our own cocktails. Eventually o realised that the early cocktails with beer and the improvised cocktails were probably not a wise idea so I made my move about 12 ish and got a train back to waterloo then a cab to my place.