Circle Line Pubcrawl 26/09/2009

Up early and had to hunt for my DVLA certificate, then got my parking ticket from the council shop on commercial road before heading off with my serious drinking jacket on to Victoria to take part in Michelle and Phil's 10 year reunion circle line pubcrawl. It was a very good turnout right from the word go... Phil Michelle and Stuey, were there to start with and we were soon joined by Bill, Stuart, Pete and Neil O'Grady. Jon Luik was a little bit delayed so met him at the red lion in Westminster. We also picked up Lynn and Declan at this point and pushed on via the circle line to mansion house were we went into the O'Neills and had a Guinness to celebrate Arthur's day again.

We pushed on from there to Hamilton hall at Liverpool St, here you had to be fed your drink by someone else, but I had nipped ahead in a taxi and had a card of Marilyn Monroe to wrap around my beer. The next stop was kings cross and we were supposed to go to the pub on the platform but it was closed so we went to the Euston flyer instead, drank with our left hands and filled out the quiz, after that myself and bill caught a taxi, to baker St and got a bit of a head start at the globe. On then to the mad bishop and bear at Paddington for a pleasant drink while we held someone else's hand. Next was the prince Albert were we had to hold someone's bottom while we drank luckily I had also bought a card for that as well. Next we were in the stanhope arms at glocester road, and then the botanist which had been the royal court tavern at sloane square so everyone moved on and I went to the chelsea potter, but no one else went there so I weny straight to the big easy and met sarah outside so we went in together and got the big table downstairs right in front of the live act.

The live act were two guitarists who were good, but couldn'ty supply the extra volume needed in oiur stomachs for all the food that was to come our way. Eventually we staggered to the exi and made our way home after a very successful pubcrawl.