The Clifton 23/07/2009

Off to the brickhouse in brick lane. Unfortunately we got there to find the place was closed due to a power cut. So I took a seat in the Vibe bars courtyard and found Bruce and Christine easy enough. Bruce's special friend Peter made a flying visit, and Shamsa arrived, then it started to chuck down, we had to withdraw inside but I observed the brickhouse from the window and saw Sandra and Rob arrive. As there was a gap in the rain we made a move towards the boundary restaurant however we got caught in a shower so ducked into the Exit bar for a quick drink whilst it blew over. The boundary was unfortunately full so we set off back down brick lane and settled on the clifton on the corner of osbourne st, pretty close to aldgate east tube. The service was pretty quick and we settled in with some beers. We all went for starters, and I had Manchurian chicken for my main course, and a rather nice dessert