Cocktail Masterclass 17/09/2009

Off to cocktail masterclass at Prism with socialite. Met Rita as she was walking to the bar so we went in together and were the first there. We had a very pleasant champagne cocktail and this was topped up a number of times during the night. We were then given a demo of how to make three different cocktails. A mojito, a caiprioska and a daiquiri. Then we were given the opportunity to make one I chose a daiquiri as it was the most exciting involving shaking, and I also had a neat one, as you got 60 mls of rum as opposed to 50 ml. I was later to regret this, also had a go at the wii machine and finally managed to get a ball in the hole at golf. Then later played bowling and baseball with Rita. Had a pornstar cocktail which has champagne on the side, and also a mars attacks cocktail as it had the silliest name. Finally left when they kicked us out.