Dodgeball 09/05/2009


Big day today got all my kit together and headed off to play on sports at Canary Wharf for dodgeball. Was bit concerned when Jackie phoned to say she would be late as she had never played before, but I needn't have worried as she was about the best female dodgeball player I've ever seen. Glenn and his friend Dallas were also a revelation. Their outfits were impressive, gold lame tights and swimming costumes and they were very good players. To my surprise all the guys wore their masks during the game even though it was difficult to see with them on. I got busy filming but I didn't waste much digital film on El grand cojones as their games were always over quickly. In fact they never lost a game during the whole tournament and only dropped 11 points over 14 games. There was some controversy over the final when Simon caught the ball from a rebound and then when another team claimed that if the ball hit our players capes they should be out. So we ended up with more champagne and a trophy so we headed off then to the gun, were there was an oat cake eating contest between me Raj, Ross and glen which I won but not before being peppered with oat cakes from Raj as he couldn't stop laughing. Ross got stitched up at one point with a chilli shooter as well. After the Gun the others moved on but I caught a cab with Glen and Dallas back to mine.



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