Dodgeball 17/01/2009

Dodgeball day arrived and I set off for play on sports at canary wharf and met the other members of team Smokey and the bandit. Simon, Steve, Kylie, Ian and 2 of kylie's mates. Steve was Smokey and Simon was my dad. there were some other notable teams there, the pornstars with Marcos, nick, Rachael and Carla, the Jamie dodgers were back, jays team were dressed as ninjas and a huge prison team. Our first game was poor, but when we got into it, we progressed into the final pretty well, being 2nd in points total overall. We in fact took down all the top teams rather convincingly, it was the easy teams that gave us a problem. The final involved a single game which we won to progress to the real final then it was best of 5. It got to 2-2 and then it looked like we were behind in the last game but we came back to win. So champagne for our team which got sprayed into the crowd. We drank some at the place, and I chatted to some kiwi guys who were doing the tough guy, then we moved onto the gun, which was actually a pub I had been to in December 2004 on my first ever 8thday event. Had a good few drinks there, then my foot started to play up and I appeared to have sprained it so I had a rather painful limp home.



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