GBBF 05/08/2009

Set off for the first night of the GBBF met Christine outside just before 7 PM then we went in rather than get too thirsty. We found a good spot to stand by the Brains bar and I had some SA gold to start with. Bruce, Simon, and Teresa arrived shortly afterwards, and I was lucky enough to spot the festival organiser Marc Holmes and so got a free beer. Sid was along later and mainly had vegetarian food rather than beer. I was a bit disappointed to find that the food and silly hat stalls both closed at last orders so I got neither. Rather successful night of drinking apart from that though?
Left work slightly early to run home, as Stuey and Michelle and Sandy and Cathy were already there. I met Rita on the platform of Earls court and we spotted Paul outside. We got in and got ourselves a beer then I found Cathy and Sandy and gave Sandy my Guinness hat and purchased a flashing policeman's hat. We were then able to make contact with Phil, Stuey, Michelle, Stuart and some of Paul's mates I had met the day before. I had some nice beers including boondoggle and Shropshire gold. I met Stephen kingdom and then rather foolishly gave into temptation literally, I bought a bottle of temptation that was 10 percent in strength I could only drink half of it. By this time we had found Ken, and I had also swapped my policeman's hat for a pirate hat with dreadlocks from a young woman in the crowd.
Got myself a parking ticket after a bit of a struggle and set off for the GBBF getting there a bit late. Timed it just right though to meet Nick who had just arrived. We wandered about a bit and looked at the stalls and I had a kangaroo burger for breakfast. I also started off with a Perry but it was a bit on the dry side at level 5 and I was very slow in drinking it. We soon found pat and Chris they had got a seat and we had some wasabi peas and continued to search for our archetypal drinker but with little success, we did however find superheroes, bananas and giant bottles. We settled in for the long haul then and it was a while till we were joined by Phil, Chris, Preeti and Rob, Matthew and Hugh. We definitely got a good few beers drunk during the ten hours of our presence, we were a bit surprised to actually like the ukulele orchestra who did weird arrangements of popular songs that we had fun trying to name. I definitely think I neglected the consumption of solids that day thank goodness for the chap coming round selling wasabi nuts.