Gherkin 13/06/2009

I made it in time to be there right at the opening of the Gherkin building to the public and spotted Paul and Rita arriving. We got through the airport style security and headed up by two sets of lifts to the 39th floor. Christine, Chris and Sylvia were already there and had snagged a seat by the window, the view was incredibly impressive, other landmarks looked tiny from the height of the 6th tallest building in London. We had complimentary champagne on arrival and were a bit concerned that Teresa, Sandra and Sid wouldn't get any as they arrived later, but it all worked out ok. There was quite a queue for the complimentary vodka so I didn't bother. We moved quickly upstairs to the glass domed area to nab a nice table and I was pleased to find that the beer was only 3.50 a bottle. There was a singer who sang for quite a long time, and I met Paul Seddon the chap who was very good at Tennis from La Santa. There certainly were a lot of folks present and dancing ensued. We also later made a vodka martini. We missed out on a great sunset unfortunately, but the reflections in the glass were very interesting. Finally left just before midnight and there were a few ladies worse for wear on the way out, the sign of a good night.