The Gherkin 24/07/2009

Got changed and headed to the gherkin, just missed a rain shower which was lucky as I had no umbrella. Also got to see a rainbow from top. Rita. Paul, Andy and Esmee were already up in the bar when I got there with some champagne and a window seat, and we were soon joined by Sylvia. I just had a couple of beers in the bar which was probably just as well as we decided to have the tasting menu with wine in the restaurant so six courses and six different wines. We even had a red wine that I didn't dislike. The courses themselves were very good and I especially enjoyed the cheese selection as I got some of other peoples. After the drinking was over we had an extra amaretto with ice which was a bit like drinking liquid Christmas cake. Not to mention that we also had cake to celebrate Paul's birthday. We were reluctantly the last to leave the restaurant and probably the building so we certainly got our money's worth and luckily it wasn't raining.