Greece 05/09/2009

Went to Gatwick by the express. We had a bit of a queue to get on Viking airways but got through and to the pub. Had some champagne on the plane. Few drinks in the star bar in the resort then into town. We started at a bar called the pub, then headed down the main street which was just wall to wall bars. We were given various inducements to enter and finally settled on a deal with drinks and shooters. We moved on to a couple of others down the noisy street then suddenly at midnight the music blaring out of the bars was silenced and the place went quiet. Myself, Matt and Glenn carried on to the status club for a while, it was quite good fun and Glen got thrown off the podium for dancing with the girls. We finally left and got a kebab that Glen can't remember before catching someone else's taxi and paying double for it.
Went for run, played some tennis then some volleyball, then a football game with James and Glenn, very tight we won on a golden goal. After dinner just stayed at the resort till sent to bed.
Went for a longer run up hill and took pictures. Tried to run down to another beach but it turned out to be private so I had run back up again in the heat which was quite energetic Tennis with Glenn against Nick and Bryan was pretty good. Played a game of volleyball then in which my team was 2-0 down when it was my turn to serve then we won 15-2, the other team only got the ball back over the net once and some of my team sat down for the last few points, I served underarm after that, frisbee injury, tennis with Steph against Paul and James into town later at one bar then to status club, with Matt, glen, Julia, Pippa, lea, charlotte, Paul. The girls got themselves glow painted to fit in with the theme of the evening. We also had some podium dancing from charlotte and the girls to make sure it was a proper 8thday holiday. There were also luminous bubbles pumped into the crowd, but I kept clear of them as they left glowing marks on your skin, finally left about 2.50 am and got straight into taxi's.
Leg aching but got up and went for walk, had a go in the buggy with Nathalie this was quite exciting as we drove off road quite a bit. 3 PM went for bike ride with Nick, Matt and Bryan saw a castle and climbed a steep hill then stopped for a coke whilst a puncture was fixed. Played tennis in the evening with nick, glen, and Bryan. Then after dinner we went in the beach bar and had our own party, we played name that tune on the ipod then I set people challenges to find genres of records. Later we had a dip in the sea before calling it a day, unfortunately we went in the rocky side so I ended up with a bruised heel and some scrapes but nothing too serious..
Ran to kardamena had a drink and found some karaoke bars and the like and then ran back. Saw Cam who was feeling a bit better and went for a walk along the beach with him. Also did a bit of kayaking with Ross and Nikki who had just arrived windsurfed. Played yahtzee later with Glenn, charlotte and Julia, Glenn won. Played tennis then with Glenn, Paul and Nick. Nick and myself were successful. In the evening met in the star bar and went into dinner early so we could go to watch the football in kardamena. England beat Croatia 5-1 while Scotland lost unfortunately for Paul. We negotiated a whole bottle of sambucca at the next bar we went to, but when the music went down we were off to the starlight bar, I didn't like this as much as the status club and eventually walked home after getting some chips. Took me about 35 minutes and was a bit uneventful.
Ran into kardamena without my GPS watch. Had a drink and some ice creams and ran back., should have been 4.2 miles found some nice ice creams and had a look at the supermarkets. Played volleyball for an hour and a half later against the newly arrived solo people and the Russians. Then played tennis against Paul. I was down 5-2 but won 7-5 eventually. After dinner we sat our by the beach bar till late into the evening. Discussing racey topics till finally we retired about 2.30 am.
Ran with Ross for 5 miles or so. Then quite surprisingly it rained. Luckily that didn't put a stop to the volleyball and I had a pretty good game of volleyball, the serve was coming along nicely and I got some good returns in mainly played with the solos people. I then had a bit of a wait till football but unfortunately it didn't go ahead so I joined the others who were drinking and playing card games. We drifter off and gradually changed into our pirate outfits, Nick and Susie were undoubtedly the winners. We caused a bit of a stir going to dinner and in the bar, the we went back to Steph and Nat's room to drink as much of the duty free as possible. Headed of then in taxi's and we went to the bar were we had watched the football, unfortunately disaster on a boxing machine with Glenn managed to hit the machine and just about broke my hand, the bar staff gave me ice and neurofen and I had to call it an early night, did see a rather exciting electrical storm on my way home though.
Went for a really long run today, knew my bruised hand was not much good for anything else. I ran with it still wrapped up in bandages. Wasn't as warm as other days so ran out past kardamena and carried on till I got to the next village before turning back. Stopped for a drink and some ice cream on the way back in kardamena then slogged the last 2 miles home. Did 10 miles in total. Got dressed and ready then to depart, left the room at 3.30 PM then spent some time on the sun lounger. We were driven inside just before dinner due to the threat of rain but no big disaster. Had another great dinner and then on the coach to the airport. Sat with Adele on the coach then Matt and Nathalie on the plane. Listened to a lot of ipod whilst watching the lights of Europe below. We actually touched down a bit early then in a taxi with a very tired Steph and Glenn and Paul.



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