Hathersage 01/05/2009



Got myself a leg brace at lunchtime. Then hauled my kit to Maida Vale and met Jackie and Caroline Philips to get a ride in Simon's jag to Hathersage. We left about 5.30 PM and got a good ride through, we listened to driving tunes and had flying saucers and liquorice allsorts. We had one stop for petrol and coffee then with the aid of my and Caroline's phones we met the others in the Scotsman's pack that me and Matthew had stayed at. I just had a dessert then we went back to the YHA and drank the beer as the others arrived. Went to bed fairly early as I wanted to elevate my leg for the orienteering in the morning.


Up early and the leg wasn't too bad we were split into 5 teams and we all got harnesses and helmets. I got a lift to the start point in the organisers car. With Laura and ZoŽ 2 new girls and Adam, and we were followed by Sandy, Ed, Nicola and Caroline. We set off hiking for a map reference and the leg wasn't too bad. The first challenge was to lead people blindfold round a series of trees which we did ok, then to pour water into a pipe with holes to get out an acorn we managed both, the next task was weaselling not very extreme, but difficult for me, without kneepads and with a dodgey leg. Made it through though my leg was feeling the worse for wear. The next task was a zip wire and Ed impressed by crashing into the protective crash mat. I had to be pulled across and back again as I couldn't run off the edge. The next task was climbing. 2 climbs that would have been very easy as they were only severe, but were a struggle for me with my bad leg. I was hobbling a bit more after that. The next task was an abseil with a drop off half way down, I could do that fine, but we had one refusal. After that we headed to the rendezvous point and combined our winnings to track down a cask with champagne and chocolates. I struggled a bit to limp back to the car, but after resting with my leg up I seemed a lot better. Off then to the little john inn for dinner for 40 I had a rather nice fish and chips and Nik and David entertained us with their ability to balance their beer glasses on their stomachs. Back the n to the place for a dance off, that Glenn and Jenny won against Steve to flashdance. I rested my leg then for a while.


The bikes all arrived at the youth hostel in the morning for Cycling, I went with the easy group who were mainly doing on road biking. I brought up the rear on what was a fairly leisurely pace to start with, but then we split to two groups and myself, Charlotte, Raj, James, Juzar, Gemma and David did the extra 10 mile extension around the dams, we stopped at the dambusters museum and then found a farm ice cream shop and had a bakewell tart flavoured ice cream. We got in and quickly had a shower then in the minibus to the Sheffield ski centre, a few folks had a go on the slopes, but apparently the surface was a bit worn. Myself Nikki, Simon, Glenn had sneaky warm up at bowling before the BBQ. This was a good idea as I got 2 strikes in a row at the start of the real game myself, Nikki, Kate, Sandy & Roger were in my lane, and I won the first game with such a good start but was nearly last in the 2nd game as Roger went from last to first place. Then it was decision time, a breakaway group of hardcore members set off into the fleshpots of Sheffield. Jenny, Matt, Kate, John, James, Glenn, Nick Wallace, Adam and off course Sandy made it into town. The girls felt a bit overdressed as every other woman seemed to be in a very short skirt. We popped into the first pub the cavendish for some fruli's and to get some cash then we went to the lava lounge, were the drinking games Glenn had instigated escalated, with me buying test tubes of alcohol and Glenn and Matt having dance offs involving forward rolls and handstands. From there we headed to the Leadmill. I finally made it there after nearly 20 years. The music was good and it wasn't expensive to get in we did a lot of dancing as my leg had stopped complaining by now, Sandy pulled a gay bloke who attempted to feed him Pringles, and we tested a message on the giant display board about Steve who had gone home early. We finally left about 2.30 am and traveled home in 3 taxis as we gave up looking for Glenn who had wandered off to find a kebab. We stayed up for a little while after that in the kitchen but all the others had gone to bed.


Oh dear we had to check out at 10 am, Sandy was still struggling to walk at this point, but we filled up the cars and set off back to the dams to see the dambusters museum, but me and Ed stayed in the car while the others set off to see the museum. Unfortunately it was closed, but Charlotte could describe it and they had a nice walk. We then set off to a pub the ladybower inn and got really excellent service and great food, we then headed home and it was fun to watch folks progress down the motorway on google latitude. Thinks were going well but then a warning light came on and we had to stop at the trowell services. Unfortunately the head gasket had gone on the jag and we had to wait quite a long time for a breakdown lorry to take us all the way back to London and unfortunately it could only take us at 55 mph back to London, it also was going to cost nearly 500 pounds as opposed to the 275 they quoted but Simon managed to bargain then down to 325. However we got back and me and Caroline got dropped off at Maida vale and I got home just after 10 PM.



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