Karaoke 13/05/2009

in the evening went running with David, Livvy, Tanya, Jackie, Cassandra, and Nick. I could only run about 3 miles however, and had to turn back whilst the others continued there was a bit of limping towards the end but nobody saw it. We got changed then and headed off to angel on the northern line. Here we met James and Nick who had cycled from borough. We got some sandwiches from the Tescos metro then got ourselves to lucky voice. Sandy was already there at the bar, and we could see that Cathy was on her way via google latitude. We took our place in the room and filled the play list and donned the cowboy hats and wigs and pressed the thirsty button with alarming rapidity. Our singing got better and better through the night and we had two good girls Vs boys numbers at the end, summer nights and suspicious minds. Two hours very well spent.



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