Lymington Weekend 09/01/2009

Up early for a trip to Runcorn the train was late but my meeting had been cancelled. Straight back then and through London and out the other side to Lymington for the 8thday weekend. Got across London in 25 minutes and onto a series of 3 trains that got me to Lymington. It was bitterly cold when I got there but I was nice and early as only Roger and Ross were there. We got the fire going and were soon joined by Darren and Jackie and Katrina. There was then a foray out to the chipshop or the curryhouse in Jackie's case for the evening meal. We were of course well supplied with the usual communal fare to nibble on and drink. The others gradually arrived and most were there by 9 PM. Due to the cold and the need to keep the fire going we stayed in that night and chatted. Went to bed reasonably early.
Ross did the rounds and woke us all up at 8 am and we were just about ready to go at 9 am. We jumped in the cars and headed off to Brockenhurst. I had been mountain biking from Brockenhurst a couple of times before and had stayed at Lymington with john Yung for Amanda's wedding. We parked up in the car park and as we were wrapping up warm for the sub zero temperatures we were joined by some of the new forest ponies. The morning walk was about 5 miles and ended at the Hobler inn were I had a knickerbocker glory with my beer. We had some fun in the morning trying to break the ice on the streams in the forest but they would even take peoples weight the ice was so thick. After lunch we returned to the house and set off for the afternoon walk from there, we walked down to the sea and along the fenn like area behind the sea wall, we saw a fox frozen in a stream and a lot of frozen seawater, which was quite remarkable. Myself Ross and Jackie headed back to the house so we could get ready and set off to run the lap we had just done walking, a really good run in the brisk temperatures and we timed it just right to get back before dark. After a shower I helped Ross do a bit of shopping and get some ferrero roche chocolates for an eating challenge later. We popped into the pub near the Tescos and enjoyed a nice pint of Ringwood beer by a roaring fire. Back then and we all set out to the local pizza place, were I actually had a risotto, which was pretty nice. After the meal most folks headed back to the house, but myself Ross, Jackie and Darren struck out and headed to the ship inn for a pint, and a discussion of bikini pirate turtles. We returned reluctantly when there was a queue outside the long bar and we found all the others in the men's dorm. I produced the twister mat and even had a go but was no match for the champion Jackie. Ross also had a go at eating 7 chocolates in a minute but didn't get very far.
Up again at 8 am and luckily the weather was much more clement so we set off to Brockenhurst and got ourselves some mountain bikes. We had a good little group with all the boys, Ian, roger, Darren and Adam and a fit bunch of women that kept a good pace including Jackie and Katrina. We found the arboretum and went round the tree trail and some hugged the tallest tree in the country. We then found a nice pub for lunch though we had to sit outside due to our numbers. I just had chips and a beer. We cycled back to the place then and had a coffee and a shower Darren then gave me a lift back to London along with Jackie and Katrina and I caught the tube from gunnersbury back to Stepney were I picked up a Chinese.



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