Oktoberfest 02/10/2009


Left the house about 2 am and got a night bus to 'liverpool st, then one to victoria, got the gatwick express and walked striaght into Sandy and Maritza and went straight through checkin with our printed tickets to get to the pub for the first drink of the day. Met Andy and Katy in the pub as well. We got on the plane and were off to sleep pretty sharpish. At the other end we caught a taxi to the meininger hostel and dropped our bags and headed out. The boys went to the beer festival and the girls went clothes shopping. We started at the hippodrom tent which was one of the posher tents were lots of folks were in traditional outfits. Unfortunately we had to leave that tent at 12 as the table was reserved. We naturally gravitated then to the pigpen a standing up area in the haufbrau tent were you could get served. Here things hotted up and sandy made a foolish mistake of downing his stein in one. This left him fairly wrecked for the rest of the day. We all gradually drifted back to the hostel for some recovery time and we had a shopping trip to the station to pick up some vodka. Then set off in the evening. With the girls but we weren't very succesful at getting in anywhere so we had some bratwursts then the girls headed back to the hostel, I had a wander round and looked at the fairly amazing funfair.
The alarm was set to go off at 5.30 am english time and after a quick breakfast at the hostel we rushed off to get into the queue for the haufbrau tent. We were well placed but then at the last moment we had to run around the side. We did however get a big bench for all of us and the festivities commenced. Pretzels and beer were the order of the day but certainly not in that order, unfortunately the girls were searched and lost their vodka so rather a lot of beer was consumed and there was rather a lot of dancing on tables along to the oompah band, we chatted to the first festival people and then before we knew it the time was 3pm and it was time to vacate the premises. I had a look around the town again and did some shopping then went into the beer festival again but couldn't see the others and neither sandy or maritza had working phones and so I had another recce and found a revovling bar and a frisbee ride. Made my way back to the hostel and everyone was there so had a few more drinks there.
Up early again was the first chap down to breakfast the others took a bit of rousing. It was a more sedate start today and we were able to get a table in the hackerfest tent which was a bit posher, many beers later we gravitated to lowenbrou tent which was a bit like a walkabout, I drank some more beer but then did a walkabout and eventually managed to get in and have a look at nearly all the beer tents but by then was really unable to force any more lager down my throat, even though I was not very drunk, the thought of another drop of lager was too much to contemplate. I saw a spinning agme and had a go on some rides, it really was a huge funfair. I though i might catch up with the others back at the hostel and was correct even met some of the girls walking back and took their pictures with various policemen. the boys were back in the hostel bit by bit and I had some smirnoff ices to take away the taste of lager and a rather nice pizza. with the guys before crashing out.
Time for a bit of sightseeing before our flight, we walked into town and visited the haufbrauhaus for lunch and then headed back to the hostel and taxied to the airport. the flight was uneventful and we caught the train back to london, though only I was able to go climbing as well.