Paul's Birthday pubcrawl 25/07/2009

Up early and set off to shadwell to meet Paul for his birthday pubcrawl, only problem was I went to limehouse, so met Rita and Paul in the Town of Ramsgate instead. Had a nice sit outside in the sunshine and we were soon joined by Mark from Paul's band and Andy and Esmee. Had a nice pint in there, then we skipped the next pub the Captain Kidd and went along to the prospect of whitby, here we got a nice seat in the garden area and had some food or some chips and onion rings in my case as I had already had some ben and jerrys for breakfast. After Mark had finished his muscles we set off for the narrow then and again got a seat outside, it was time for some meantime brewery wares and coffee and chocolate beer. We met Sylvia here and were joined by quite a few of Paul's mates. The last pub was the grapes, by now we were a bit behind schedule but it didn't really matter. After the grapes we caught the docklands and went to the Burrows wharf BBQ. We were able to BBQ the stuff that Rita and Paul had bought and we had a go at whack the rat and in the case of Paul and Bruce musical chairs and limbo. Was good fun but eventually I had to call it a day.