Portland 19/09/2009

Up early met the others at just after 10 am and set off for Portland. The trip wasn't a quick one despite that it was only 120 miles away, took about 4 hrs. We arrived however at exactly the same time and place as Matthew though, which was handy. We got to the place and found lots of folks from mile end and the castle set up and climbing. I proceeded to lead on an easy looking route and promptly fell off after the first bolt landing correctly against the rock but injuring my already damaged ankle from Greece, not badly enough to slow me down though. So I applied some chalk which was necessary and finished the route. We did a number of routes, myself and Daniel led and the others followed on top ropes. We did a number of routes there and rather worryingly saw a girl who had become wheelchair bound from a fall. We then resited ourselves to a cliff we had to ourselves and we went up a much longer route.

By the end of that it was getting dark. We drove to the caravan park where myself and Sandy had stayed before on the Jurassic and got ourselves a nice superior caravan. Maritza even got a double bed to herself. I drove the guys all back out to the lugger inn and we had a really good meal, before returning home to play with the powerball and work out how to get the tv working so we could watch family guy.
Up early and had a surprisingly nice shower in the caravan, Maritza cooked an excellent breakfast and then we washed up without the aid of washing up liquid or teatowels. Off then to the other side of the island. We dropped down a steep path to a spot between the big rocks and some cliffs. This was an excellent spot. The big rocks were very good and I led a number of F5 routes up it to set up top ropes for Sandy, Maritza and Matthew, who still felt more comfortable top roping. Daniel also had a go at a huge route on the main wall, which I didn't even top rope. But I did have a go and led a 12m F5 route up that wall the others all managed to get up it though after a bit of a struggle at the start.

We ate our sandwiches that we had bought or that Maritza had prepared, and climbed on. Was a great day we eventually felt tired some time after 3 PM and headed back to the car. The drive back was better than the drive down, the M3 looked bad so we took the A3 and didn't lose too much time, we had one quick stop for an ice cream, but were unlucky as the petrol station didn't have them. I dropped the guys at mile end as the district line was out.