Rita's Birthdday 18/04/2009

In the evening I walked to Rita's 40th at the Dockmaster's house at westferry as the docklands wasn't working. I actually arrived early just somewhat after 7 pm. This proved fortuitous as I joined Rita, Andy and Esmee for a glass of champagne in the upstairs bar before heading down to the cellar bar were Rita had a large area reserved. A good few folks were along including Chris and Sarah. Christine and Sylvia, Phil Hobbs and Simon Steer and Barbara. Rita was very generous with her birthday celebrations, with money behind the bar and some wonderful food that came around at regular intervals. I enjoyed a couple of very nice coffee porters from the waitresses. Later we moved onto drinking cocktails and champagne, Rita had suggested the Tantric Tongue twister, a cocktail with chili in it, the barman made an especially hot one for me. Nick O'Donnel was along later and luckily he was staying the night at mine before heading off to Birmingham so I got a lift home about 1 am, which saved my foot a bit,