Sid's Birthday 07/03/2009

In the evening set off for a well established haunt the Hide Bar in Bermondsey. The occasion was to celebrate Sid's 40th birthday, there was champagne and nibbles and I won a space invaders tee-shirt for having the most interesting career choice as a child as I wished to be sooty's legs. There were a great deal of folks along, Penny and Dante, Teresa, Sylvia and her brother, Rita, Christine, Fiona, Rose, Funmi, Deirdre, Laurel. Also Will had jetted back from Dubai for the weekend. I managed to drink the bar out of titanic stout then we had some zero dosage champagne, and also myself and Dante shared some Punk IPA. We were still going strong well into the early hours I eventually caught a cab home that wasn't too expensive, a very good night.