Speed Tasting 29/05/2009

In the evening I headed back to Embankment and my first Tastour event at the Theodore bullfrog. Christine and Beth were there that I knew and briefly met Kelly who organised the whole thing. He upstairs bar was kept busy serving me IPA and then we were into the tasting proper. I was on table C of about 9 tables and for 9 rounds people revolved around me. We had a number of tasting challenges, attempting to match the chocolate with the level of cocoa or trying to rate them by expense, there was one really expensive chocolate that was 5 pounds per 100 g but I thought the cheapest one was the expensive one because of the shine. There was also some 100% chocolate and a new brand that was rather individual. Talked to some interesting people including Philipa and Marie James an American. Was quite drunk by the end of it and headed off about 11pm.