Tank Balling 07/06/2009


Not up too early, off to sloane square for 1 pm to meet Harry for a lift to tank balling, quickly bought a video ipod nano in peter jones before hand. Jeyanth was along as well and we set off for the place which was just near junction 20 of the M1. Getting out of London was a bit time consuming though, met Simon and his mate when we got there, we got kitted in combats and large crash helmets and then we went through some very muddy ground to the actual tank. I went first at Driving and was immediately pulled up for going too fast, but I was one of the few people they get who had actually driven a tank before. We rotated after a lap of the field, half a lap was with my head out of the cockpit and half was with the lid down and looking out of the periscope. After we had all driven a lap it was time to get some target practice in, we all had a go at shooting two paintballs at two different targets. My first shot went just high of the target but my second shot at the longer target was spot on. You also then took a turn at being the one to load the two ping pong ball sized projectiles into the breach and charging the compressed weapon. Time after this for a cup of coffee and a briefing on tactics for the battle against Simon and his mate. I was driver, harry was firer and Jeyanth loaded. I'm not sure driver was the best option as I didn't actually get to see much with the lid down and I couldn't see the opposition, but we managed a very creditable 9 - 9 draw, then we drove back to st johns navigating with my googlemaps and the traffic information it gave us. I got home, got a Chinese and just had time to miss Beth on the apprentice.



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