Teresa's Birthday 20/02/2009

Off to Brinkleys in Hollywood road in Fulham for Teresa's birthday. Got there nice and early and got a seat with Rose, then Teresa arrived shortly after. It turned out the seats we had got were reserved for Hugh Grant who turned up later. Had a few beers and then we moved into the garden for our dinner. The dinner was very good. I had the lamb which would have been 22 quid on its own but the 3 course set meal was just 30 quid. Teresa had a birthday cake with a rather large candle and we had some fun when Geraldine and Sandra tried to look out of the window, pulling the fake blinds down. We weren't finished till about 11 am, then myself Teresa and Ali caught a taxi to the Sanderson hotel, which I had been to before when Teresa hired the limo. We met some other folks there and then it went a bit pear shaped, I thought I saw the guys leaving as I got back from the toilet but it turned out that rob had left early to crystal and then I found myself outside with a queue to get back in, so I caught the nightbus home, a shame to cut the night short.