Teresa's Housewarming 05/06/2009

Picked up some sambucca and stuff for making cocktails and took it to Teresa's. I was early but not the first, Paul beat me to it. Gradually folks arrived and we indulged in the classic melon monster and Harvey wall banger and a few more cocktails, before the pizza delivery arrived. We then had a tour of the the place. We saw the cinema, the gym and the pool and then we popped up to the bar at penthouse 4 level. Tony had luckily got the email at the last minute and had driven down to London and made it in time to join us in the highest residential bar in the UK. It certainly was a splendid view and the service from the bar staff was excellent. I had another Harvey wallbanger before I went on to gin and tonics. We were lucky to have the bar to ourselves as previously we were expecting to share with a corporate event. The bar eventually closed about midnight and Tony was good enough to give me a lift home, whilst Teresa went on to party in the west end.