Tignes 14/03/2009


Got to Victoria a bit early and had coffee and a bun in the wetherspoons, saw Paul and we caught the train together, but when the others joined us we were in the wrong carriage, so I moved through the train to speak with Matt anise Steve, or Captain and the bandit as they would come to be known, as we quickly got practising on our warlike talkies. This pretty much continued all the way to the airport and in it, we headed straight for the red lion bar and got a big table. We had a quick game of driving in the arcades and I managed to beat Steve then we boarded the plane, it was a short flight and I was sitting next to James. As usual Steve organised to buy all the planes champagne, and it would have been churlish not to have some. We arrived and had bit of drama on the coaches as they lost Ed's bag with his kit. Luckily we were aware of this thanks to the walkie talkies, we played a few games of Chinese whispers with the whisper coming to me at the end of the coach. We were dropped of at chalet Milou after a journey of a couple of hours then we had our dinner of lasagne and a dessert from the chalet staff waiting for us, after dinner I went across to chalet glacier using the walkie talkies to home in on bandit. We chatted for a while and played the climbing game then we led a breakaway group of me Glenn, Steve, Matt, Paul to the loop bar which seemed to be the only place open. We had a couple of drinks there and we lost Steve to tiredness unfortunately. So myself Paul, Matt and Glenn decided to go to Tignes's only night-club Jack's. Glenn took one look at it and went home. The rest of us stayed and Matt made a valiant attempt to chat up some deaf girls. We eventually headed home at 2 am.


Got up early for breakfast but just had a few croissants. We headed up into town early to pick up our ski gear then I headed back to the chalet and had a quick kip. I had a private lesson at 12 with my instructor Mark. He was very good. I got the carpet slope over with pretty quickly then we went on a couple of green runs. The chap made me carry my skies in my hand as if I was carrying a plate it seemed to be successful as I managed to get down both the green runs ok without coming to grief. So we moved onto the blue run on a proper chairlift. I was ok while I followed mark down as he skied backwards, but when I had a go myself I fell a couple of times as I didn't pick the right line. Still we did the blue run a good few times before the 2 hour lesson was over, so I was very pleased. I then went back to the chalet and went for a run, I tried to follow the road as high as I could and got up to about 7,050 ft, but there were no visible paths to climb higher so I retraced my steps and went down the mountain. I dripped this time to 6,100 ft. Which meant a hard slog back up to 6,850 to finish the run. For dinner we had lamb, and Holga treated us to champagne to celebrate his birthday. We followed that with some sambucca as I showed the entire chalet including the staff and reps how to drink it. Lauren the rep said it was the best way she had ever had it, ooer!. After dinner I again popped over to the other chalet and this time we managed to convince the rest of the chalet apart from Natalie to join us. We had some nice gin and tonics courtesy of Raj for which I sliced the lemon and then we had a bit of a go off the climbing game and Nik found himself wearing the tignes wolf outfit. We all popped out then including Nik in his outfit to Scottie's bar. This had some dancing music and an area to dance in so much dancing was done till about 2 am in the morning when they closed.


Not up early but got on the slopes about 11 am and had a good go at consolidating what I had learnt the day before. Stopped for a break and lunchtime and chatted with Michael and Frances. Then back out again to do more skiing. I did the blue run a couple of times and felt fairly comfortable on it which was good. In the evening I went for a run down the mountain past the dam. I descended to 5,683 ft then had to climb back to 6,863 ft. I got down in 31 minutes then got back in 38 minutes, this was helped by me being chased by a local French guy, for the last 400 ft. I really had to sprint the last bit which left me shattered, but I pulled away from him before chalet Milou. For dinner we had a nice potato think and some soup then we all went across to the chalet glacier for dessert of chocolate cake. To celebrate Ross's birthday, he obviously had to wear the wolf outfit for the night. We were then on a pubcrawl which encompassed 5 bars and five different shots and we got happy hour prices in each one. The first bar was brasero's and then we just popped across the road to Scotty's which we had been to the night before. After that we caught a bus, and Steve and matt entertained us with their antics and me and nick had a go at 2 finger pull ups. We got to the next bar whose name I forget and we quite a dance going on including I predict airy and the classics, the next bar Charlotte and lea danced on the bar despite charlottes broken arm. We went to a final night-club but the music was a bit repetitive so rather than just drink more I ran home rather than wait for the bus.


Up late and had a few quick goes on the greens before meeting Carla, sitar, Adam, Nathan, Ana at the spar we caught the free bus to the next town and then we caught the funicular to the top of a mountain. The borders, Adam, Nathan and sitar went down then, but we popped down the hill to start on the green slopes which was challenging at the end. Then we did the blue route on the same lift. Didn't really have much problem with that either but then Ana convinced me to have a go on another blue route which looked too tricky and really was, I lost my ski and mainly had to walk down the thing. Back then on the bus and I managed a 50 minute run with the ipod on, down the valley and up again. I tried then to use the wifi in the spar but couldn't connect. So I bought a beer and took it to chalet glacier. We left the chalet about 9 PM and went for a fondue and hot rocks meal at the brasero bar. The staff had really made quite an effort with their St Patrick's day outfits. Had a few glasses of Duval, then Jay went a bit wild buying jagger bombs.


Up fairly early tried to use the wifi at the Madison de tignes but it didn't work. Practised a bit on the green and blues for an hour then met Carla, Ana, Sitar, Adam and Michael at the spa. Me ANA AND Carla took the palafour lift then skied across lys and laic to get to a blue route Grattalu, we did that a couple of tomes and I managed to get down ok and at speed. We then took a detour back and had to catch another lift the grand huit to get some altitude so we could ski all the way back to tignes, some of it was quite tough but I managed to get down, though using poor technique, and an arm occasionally. Then managed to ski down to the base of my chalet. After a rest went for a run of about 55 minutes. Then managed to use the internet even if it was in French and there was a silly keyboard. In the evening we found that Jackie wasn't feeling well and couldn't drink or eat but most folks were still in one piece. After dinner I popped across to the other chalet as usual and we played a big game between the girls and the boys. In the first round we had to describe the celebrities on some pieces of paper on the second round we had to use only one word to describe the celebrity and in the thirds round we had to mime the celebrity. The boys started off behind as there were a few soap stars and footballers girlfriends. But we pulled back and won, the girls even had the aid of David for that game as he was the she wolf for the night. We continued drinking and Nathalie and Holga joined us from the chalet Milou. After the game had finished we continued drinking for a while and a drinking game of slappsey was initiated but I Didn't partake, Raj was looking a little the worse for wear after downing some large shooters with chalet staff earlier.


Good day skiing, after practising in the morning met up with Carla, Ana, Adam and now Annabelle. We caught the bus up to bollin and had a practise then went up the funicular. There was a very long blue run with lots of flat bits that we did it was quite hard for Adam who had to get off and push a lot. After that we climbed up quite and caught a cable car to the start of a long green route that took us to the the apres ski place. We passed Ross in his Hawaiian outfit and me and Adam donned ours while we waited for the girls, a bit of a struggle to get to the bar, but we couldn't miss it with music playing. There was a big crowd of 8thday folks and Adam got me a beer and I videod, matt, Steve, charlotte etc dancing on the tables. After that we attempted to get down by cable car but the second one was closed so we had to ski down a quite stiff blue route. Luckily Giles came with us and helped Annabelle as she struggled down the steeper bits. I came down then with boarders who now included Darren, jenny and sitar. I waited for my group at the bottom however to catch the bus. No time for a run before it got dark unfortunately. Talked to Jackie and Nathan instead, Jackie wasn't feeling very well and Nathan had hurt himself in a fall. After dinner were we received 45 euros compensation for lack of shower I went to the other chalet and after sitar won the wolf costume. We played ultimate Frisbee in the snow outside the chalet after a couple of shots of absinthe. We then headed off for the loop bar in fact myself and nick king ran there only to find it was jelly wrestling night. We stayed till the first match was over then joined the others at jacks club and played bowling and some racing games in the arcade and finally a boxing game before heading home.


Didn't practise before meeting the others today, chatted a bit with Nathan before he was taken to hospital to have his leg looked at. Met up with Adam and Anna and we went up pallafour and across to gratilou, we wanted to measure our progress against previous routes and we were pleasantly surprised that we had all improved. We then did the very nice grand huit route and I tried to work out a system with Adam were I would slingshot him across any straight bits. Eventually we split up and myself and Carla redid pallafour the quick way. Whilst Adam and Ana went to find the apprise ski bit we had been to the day before. Came back and dropped off my ski kit then went for a run down the mountain, came to grieve on a bit of wire but didn't hurt myself and ran to the bottom and back up again then used the internet and packed a bit before having pre dinner champagne and canapés. The meal was great and then I headed over to chalet glacier to find everyone had their face painted. We plyed a game then of name that tune from the ipod. I was the adjudicator but the girls couldn't beat the chadster. After much more drinking we headed out to the Jam bar and we Ken along with us who had joined us from his ski season in Val d'iser. We had some more jager bombs when we got to the rather small bar as well as shooters with our drinks. We then found ourselves at Jack's nighclub, it was quite packed this time and we had a good old dance, I however was getting pretty drunk, so I left a bit early.


Struggled a bit to get up but got out of the chalet by 10 am. We tried to go to the spa but is was closed so we caught a bus to the next village but that spa was closed as well. We had a coffee outside and Jackie made a spectacular entrance. We played a game of shithead then I walked back across the lake to the meet the others for a big meal outside one of the restaurants. I had soup and tiramisu, then back to the chalet. The coach trip was a lot longer it seemed back to the airport. I managed to get some sleep on the coach. The airport was quite tiny I played some Elvira pinball with Simon but I was pretty rubbish. The flight was fairly quick and I managed to sleep for some of that as well.



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