Waitangi Day 07/02/2009

Woke up ok and got myself to Holland park and the Tootsies restaurant for 10 am, not bad for getting in at close to 3am. Myself Sandy and Nick were there and we started without Steve who was a bit late, was rather disappointed to find they wouldn't serve me a mohito at that time in the morning, but the breakfast was excellent. Fortified we set off in the bitter cold to Notting hill gate were we found loads of Kiwis in fancy dress including Kylie and her mates and her rubber blow up kiwi. It was extremely cold and on ly my tactical drinking gloves and jacket kept me in the game. The outfits of some of the kiwi's made me feel even colder. We had a quick pit stop at a cocktail bar and had some coffee cocktail with far more ice than was needed given the conditions outside. Steve tried a chat up line on a sheep but with little success. We walked on then to high St ken, were we had a bit of a sing song, then Gloucester road and south ken. At south ken we stood outside the zetland arms and a few folks had burgers. We also found Simon and grant at this point and we pushed on then to saloon square for the traditional rugby match and a trip to peter Jones's toilets on the top floor. From sloan square we caught a very packed tube to Westminster. We popped in the pub quickly to get a drink and use there loos then it was out and to watch the haiku. Here certainly was a lot of mood about and it was inevitable that a mudfight would ensue, luckily didn't get caught up in it. We regrouped then and having been joined by Adam we pushed along to the lord moon in the mall. Here we had another drink and then had a plan to visit the Texas embassy. I ordered my food, but was starting to lose focus, so I had to bail at this point. Was a very good day though.