Waldorf 14/05/2009

In the evening went to Homage at the Waldorf. I was there first and enjoyed a Mojito at the bar then was joined by Christine and Shamsa, we got a table for more cocktails, one had wine in it and another had my second helping of gold for the week in it. Tony and Fay joined us and we popped into dinner. It was quite quiet in the restaurant or it was until we got there. We all went for the three course set menu with champagne which was a very good deal at twenty nine pounds. I was also allowed to have a dessert for starters which was excellent, so I had some cheese for starters. After the lunch we popped to the cellar bar and saw the kit kat cabaret. Which was a man and a woman mixing musical styles together such as shaggy and robin Williams. Very funny and very entertaining. Finally got home after midnight after staying to watch the finale.