Warfighters 01/02/2009

Up very early, Steve and James arrived for 7.15 am and we set off for near rugby, cutting through London to the m1. We stopped at a service station briefly and met Ross and Jay there and played them the A-Team theme from the ipod. We got to the place and after a very amusing safety talk from the instructor we got ourselves kitted out, I was on a team with Steve and Ross and Grant and Carlos and I think we would have kicked butt if it wasn't for instructor on the red team who took me out on every game we played. Our enemies were Adele, James, Tamara and Jay. The first game was set along a ridge with a bank. I got up on the ridge and passed all the way past the extraction point then defended Steve to win the game. In the second game I took out a couple, but the instructor was playing and he took me out as I didn't kill him when I didn't see a red armband. The next game was on another ridge with 2 banks. The objective a back pack was very exposed. I got to it quickly and released two smoke grenades near it then dived for it and rolled down the opposite bank, I heard a couple of near misses zoom past but I escaped and gave the ma to Jey. But as I went back to our end I got picked off by the instructor as I had no gun with me. By this time it had started to snow but I was pretty warm with anew set of tactical gloves and my neoprene socks and body armour on. The next game the red team had to charge at us and we couldn't see them behind the bank, we got up and killed a few in the bushes. But then was taken out by the instructor again. We did however win that game. The next game was to take out a armoured personnel carrier near a pond, myself and Ross pushed along a bank and took out some of the enemy, we then got into the thick of the enemy camp and I took out about 3 or 4 including our own instructor as we were heading in the wrong direction. But was finally taken down by their last man the instructor again. The final game was us against the instructors, they hid and we had to find them, I tried to keep out of the way but unexpectedly got shot by Ross and grant. So was out of that game. We debriefed then and popped in the car to a local pub the dun cow for a nice meal, it was really snowing now, and the snow got heavier as we got to London, I nearly skidded on the approach to osier ct there was so much ice.



8th Day UK