Wendy's Birthday 19/06/2009

This evening it was Wendy's turn to organise a meal for her birthday, we went to Pierre Vittore in Dean st. I popped into the Bath House pub opposite at 6.45 pm and met Christine, Kate, Anson and Susan. I had a chilled IPA which didn't turn out to be a good idea. Wendy arrived and at 7.30 we popped across the road to the restaurant. It was a very busy and bustling restaurant and we had to squeeze in a bit as Wendy had more guests than she was expecting when Rita, Peter, Jenny, Laurence, Karl and Mary had arrived. I had a nice steak for my main course and Ice cream with expresso and baileys for dessert. We were accompanied through our meal by a piano player, who also played happy birthday to you, when Wendy's cake arrived. Good night left quite late in the end though I had an early start the next day.