Beer Tasting 26/01/2010

Tonight was beer tasting night at the Hyde Bar, myself and Christine were joined by Bruce and a number of his friends to sample the delights of the meantime brewery we started of with Helles a light beer top fermented. 4.4 percent went on to Pale ale, session beer top fermented ale style 4.3 then London porter 6.5 percent brewed to a 1750 recipe stout is a stronger porter, and was started in London, but London stout is only 4.5 percentage due to the French wars imposing taxes. Pale ale was next at 7.5 percent strong hoppy beer which survived the journey to India, this was the first pale beer Germans nicked idea with umbrellas for pilsner. Abbey beer was the last one we tried, and meantime also do an oktoberfest beer. We had some pork and apple and some curry to accompany the beer which was very nice and of course we stayed to sample some more meantime brews.