Brewery Tour 06/05/2010

Packed very quickly and set off to liverpool st to catch the train to bury st edmunds. The journey was an efficient one and Tony and Tim met me at the station and we headed into town and had a drink in the nutshell where we were joined by a bunch of female super heroes, which where then followed by a bunch of male super heroes, so it was a bit crowded. We then tried a couple more pubs before heading home and I had a caravan all to myself for the night.
Was a bit confused waking up as all the clocks showed the time was an hour earlier in the caravan, but had a nice breakfast then had a play on the JCB digging some holes and smoothing out stuff which was tricky. Then craig arrived with josie and we jumped in the large people carrier and 8 of us did the brewery tour. A chap called henry showed us around the impressive sights of the greene king brewery which can make about 3 million pints a week. We climbed to the top of the tallest tower and got a view of the Bury st edmunds and then at the end we got to go to the brewery tap their own pub and tried a lot of their ales, I particularly liked the old crafty hen and the suffolk which had been aged in Oak. We also tried some nice old speckled hen chutney. Back then to the shop and I purchased a few items no doubt under the influence of alcohol before we all set off to the dog and partridge for some more greene king. We lost Lisa and mark at this point as they set off for a play and nearly took my luggage with them, then we moved on to the nutshell and then the canon brewery though we could only stop for a small while here as a curry was awaiting. I had to leave the curry unfortunately as it was time to catch a train back as I had to let Jackie, charlene, james and Adam into the flat. For the mudrunner.