Canoe Polo 21/07/2010

Last day off first aid course. Passed afterwards ran home 8 miles in the heat going past the olympics. In the evening did canoe polo with Kannan, graham, Jackie, and rachael from trapeze. The venue was the shadwell basin adventure centre and they got us into our game pretty quick. Just a small trip around the area and some practice round the bay then we were off into a game. I was team captain against graham and I had Jackie and Rachael's friend and sitar on my team. We won about 5-1 in the end after a few capsizes. Myself and Jackie had spraydecks which helped but both seemed to leak a bit and there was a few capsizes. Afterwards myself and Jackie and sitar went to the prospect of whitby for a pint of honeydew beer on their balcony which was good.



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