Climbing 27/03/2010

Up reasonably early and got to the Seymour centre just before it chucked down. Nick, Adam Jackie and Lauren arrived and we went and tried out the new wall it was very quiet, so we got a good climb in. There were very hard routes to try which we just about managed, Jackie lost some skin in the process. And I came a cropper on some spinning holds a few times. After a good long session we tried the high walls which were very nice to climb. Myself, Adam and Jackie all climbed to the top of the large wall, while nick took some photos. Afterwards we raced through the rain to the Windsor castle, the home of the handlebar club. We had a few beers here, and some very nice Thai food, then myself and nick went for a bit of a wander down oxford St. I purchased some DVDs in HMV and we also stopped in the Toucan for a pint of Guinness before heading home.



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