Corsica 26/09/2010

Taxi was due at 2.50 am, just with Paul as Juzar was having to look after his kid. We checked in at the airport then we went for more beer in Weatherspoon’s with John, Sandy, Adam. Got on the plane but take off was delayed over an hour, tried to sleep but didn't really manage it on the short flight to Corsica. The bus trip from the airport was about half an hour and me and john got checked in and were straight out for Tennis. I struggled a bit at the start but got the upper hand when john got tired. After that and few briefings and welcome talks I played Frisbee with Adam and Darren on the beach volleyball court. Then we enjoyed happy hour though the beer was only reduced from 5 euros to 4 euros, before heading to the all you can eat dinner. The dinner was great and it was a good thing I woke sandy who was going to sleep through it. And then we started at the inside bar but then braved the beach bar. Folks weren't up for a big night however after the early start and myself and sandy were the last ones standing well before midnight.
Paddleboarding with Adam, mountain biking with Adam and sandy, volleyball, happy hour, proper menu, quite cold, walked to pizzeria, bar Corsica played killer pool beers 6 euro looked for another bar, walked back along the road got into pizzeria, tom bought shots, chatted later with john, Alison, sandy, Johan and another girl then went to bed last.
Walked to the waterfall it was pretty cold in there and it took a few attempts for me to get in. Sandy, Alison, Paul, Darren, Julia, Caroline, Adam were along Tanya's birthday cake into town had beer played killer pool at pizzeria. Came back talked to Ros and Alison and Sandy and John.
Ran 12.5 miles with sandy
Ran 10 miles on my own up the mountain, while john walked round the route myself and sandy had run the day before. Played volleyball had a la carte meal. In the evening there was a quiz in the bar, but I didn’t take part after the first question.
Up early had breakfast went climbing with Nik, Adam, Bryan and Johan, we found a place in the centre of the island. Near corti. We climbed up a little way to our first pitch which was a little precarious and Nik demonstrated how to top out. We thought it was going to rain at 1 pm but luckily it didn't we swapped to a higher pitch then and myself, Bryan and Adam did a 4, a 5 and a 5+ inn ascending order. I managed to lead them all successfully and was pretty pleased with that as I was using a lot of energy tying in at the top often getting disco leg doing so. Took car back with Nik into town then walked back with him drinking beer. In the evening it was Hawaiian night so I leant out my spare grass skirts before dinner. Dinner as good and a number of photos were taken especially of tom in his coconut bra. We moved down to the beach bar where the staff had made an effort to dress thee bar up and played some beach music including Hawaii five-0. We got stuck into drinking the cheap beers. It was remarkably warm, probably due to the great number of folks there. There was also a limbo competition that Tom did very well at. Eventually we drank them out of beer so moved on to tequila ugh. Eventually the bar turned off the music, but then sandy led us in some songs and then the lights went off and we had to use the lights from mobile phones to carry on a bit longer.
Got up and had breakfast then lazed about in the room. Played John at tennis for two hours and it was a draw, did get to vary my serve by leaning forward as I served. Afterwards practiced volleyball with Adam Juzar, Roberta and brain, before the staff versus guests game, unfortunately only managed at best to get 6 points against them, they were pretty good. It was a disaster that there was no beer, the last drop ran out as we started the buffet dinner, so I just drank iced teas after dinner and chatted with Sarah and Juzar in the lounge till 10pm when we called it a night
Up at 6.30 m for breakfast and on the coach at 7.30 pm. The transfer was 30 mins and the plane left at 10.10 the flight was uneventful just read my kindle. Touchdown was fine and I caught the Gatwick express with john back to London.



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