Fight Night 03/06/2010


Got changed and headed out to York Hall to meet Raj and Richie for Fight Night, I was there very early to get set up for taking video which in the end was from the stage, quite a few folks where there supporting including Nick and Felicity, Carla and Megan, Nik on crutches, Jackie, Johan and Matt. The start was delayed by 50 mins probably to give us more time in the bar, but I stayed sober so I got a good shot of Raj. His match was first and he entered form the stage behind me. The crowd were really appreciative and the 3 round match was soon underway. The first round was quiet even as there was still a lot of fight in the other guy and he caught Raj a few times as he closed the distance between them, though Raj had a really good sequence of hits at one point. In the second round the guy was starting to struggle a bit and started grabbing Raj a lot and in the third round Raj got a knockdown. The decision was given to Raj unanimously. In the second fight the pope lost which I was happy about, then a big guy named JCB chased a smaller chap around the ring. Final match was over in 30 seconds as a real boxer pummelled a much taller opponent to a knockout. Raj services as towel guy were not put to the test. It was quiet late by the end of the last match so I just walked Jackie an Megan to the tube before heading home to try to upload the video.