Greenwich beer and jazz festival 29/05/2010

Set off for greenwich armed with folding chairs and a large umbrella as the weather wasn't looking ood for the Greenwich beer and jazz festival. Got ther for 2pm having met nick on the dlr and found Cathy and Nicola in the gourmet burger king. Had a rather nice burger fairly cheaply thanks to Cathy's vouchers, and then myself and Nick stopped of at the old brewery for a quick drink before entering the beer festival. We were soon joine by John, james and his sister, stuart and bill, christine and darren the weather got a bit wet now and again and we had to resort to the umbrella more than once. The beers were quite good but there wasn't a huge selection for a 20 quid ticket. Also enjoyed a toffee apple cider on cathies suggestion. There were 3 bands in all, size 9 which were quite good, a middle band that were a bit boring and the brand new heavies which were very popular with the crowd. In the end I had a bit of a fal on the escalator on the way home, as my shoes were slippy with grass and I was carrying the chairs in both hands.