Greg's Birthday 03/09/2010

Straight from work to dodgeball at play on sports in canary wharf for Greg's birthday. I was the first there followed by Nik and we had a couple of warm up drinks as you do. Then nearly everyone arrived and then the birthday boy fresh from filming arrived just in time for the briefing. My team which included matt, Ian, jenny, Caroline and Jonny where in Hawaiian mode and faced teams in tiger print, maid Marion and her merry men, the rambos and 118 118. There were 7 teams in all so we had to play 6 teams twice as there were 2 rounds. We didn't do too badly, I had a cracking game, because the balls were small enough for me to throw properly. We won a lot of games 1-0 as I managed to survive and take out the opposition in a lot of cases. We only lost against Greg's team. Twice I was even last man against 3 or 4 of the opposition and I still was able to triumph with a bit of cunning, like kicking the ball at Tom whilst simultaneously throwing the dodgeball. Much to our surprise our continuous wins put us in the final. Against the 118-118 team they were fairly aggressive about trying to call me out and although I was sure a ball never got near me they convinced the ref I was out which was a bit of a shame, it went to a play off in the end between matt and Richie and Richie won. We got all our kit together then and set off to a tiki bar in Kennington. Still wearing our fancy dress in some cases. Didn't indulge in any cocktails just had a few beers and did some dancing before navigating my way home by night bus.