Helmsley 30/04/2010

Not up too early luckily as had the day off. Matt also secured some bacon butties for breakfast. Juzzar arrived at 11am on the dot this time and steve was still in his pyjamas. We set off about 11..30 and got to helmsley just before 6pm we were the first to arrive. We went to the shop and bought some nibbles to add to the keg of beer Ross had bought for the group. I headed off then for a 5 and a bit mile run alo g the cleveleand way.. When I got back Roger and Julie had arrived and we headed to the the feathers in the town centre where we were joined by Tom and Laura. We had a rather nice meal there then we tried the pub across the square which was livelier before heading back to the hostel to await the others and start on the endeavour. Didn't drink too much though as it was an early start to get to the krypton factor course.
Early start and it was a long drive to the krypton factor assault course with a bit of getting lost thrown in. But we got changed quickly and there were 8 of us doing the time trial, me, steve, greg, kurt, tom, kannan and two others. We did a warm up in our kit then were showwn round the obstacles individually. We then did a further warm upp where I carried kannan for a long distance and then we were ready to go, steve and greg went first, and greg did a blistering time setting a new course record of 4.15 I went next with kurt and was in the lead after the zip wire and the first few obstacles but he got past me when I was confused as to the route, I caught up with a nad dash across the balance beam and was in the lead in the tunnel but my harness got stuck in the cargo net and this allowed kurt to catch up on the inside, the helpers freed us bothe but kurt was in the lead and I couldn't vault the penultimate obstacle.. I was a bit disappointed with 4.49 but couldn't have beaten greg's time. I then joined on the giant jackie sandwhich team and had fun going around at a more relaxed pace an d had a few extra obstacles to go through great fun. Back then to the yha and whilst the others played frisbee I ran all the way to the abbey at rivelaux about 7 miles. In the evening after the great dinner provided by the yha I watched a bit of telly including transporter with Greg, then we moved on to the feathers. We found ourselves a private room almost, and the jackies david and me had a karaoke practice, which was not to everyones liking. Back then to the yha and we had some more of the endeavour but people didn't last much past midnight.
Woke with a bit of a sore throat. Had some coffee and cereal for breakfast to ease it a bit and then drove to the biking place in the dalby forest. I made an executive decision not to go with the extreme group as it wouldn't do to get ill, and so had a rather pleasant trundle through the tracks of the forest. We were really lucky with the weather it was cool but only drizzled a coupke of times, it was a bit like an episode of lost at one point but we did finally find our way back to deliver the bikes then have a very nice coffe while we waited for the extreme group. I went for a quick run around the town of about 3 miles and got back just before it rained. The keg finally ran out but the bar tab conntinued buying us nice local beers through dinner. After dinner in the evening where I had toxic waste for dessert we set off for the other local pub and 8thday rocked the dancefloor with foriegner tracks before returning to the Yha were charlotte and tom showed off their dance moves.
Up at a more reasonable time the plan early on was to go climbing, with Nik, simon, Lydia and Jackie but logistics meant I went with others on a walk to the abbey in rivelaux. At the start it chucked down for 5 mins so we sheltered in a tea room then continued on to the abbey, we actually met the climbers at the abbey as it was raining when they got to their destination. We had some tea and cake and watching some knights fighting then headed back to the cars, it was a very quick journey back down the A1M broken only by steve mooning Tom in his van. Back before 6pm we were also able to play COD4 with the guys.



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