John's Birthday 18/08/2010

Finished packing and off to Liverpool St to catch the stanstead express. Should have bought my ticket on line. Met john in the pub and Harriet or H just as we had to get on the flight which was pretty quick but gave me time to finish off the third young samurai book. Little delay in getting the car which caused a top gear like q but the boot was big enough to take all the shopping from the supermarket. We unpacked all the beer then had pizza outside and watched the book of Eli till folks fell asleep. I continued on watching Paris Texas.
Up early for breakfast or rather coffee. Took a trip with john to Santander to do some DIY shopping got a fireguard and showerhead and I bought a freeview set as a present we cam back to 30 degrees and I went for a run along the river Ebro did about 7 miles. Came back and had dinner before Hugo, Carolina and Isla arrived had a really nice piella outdoors then went indoors to watch hangover the movie. After everyone went to bed I watched star trek.
No time for running today we set off quickly after breakfast for a small lake that John new that was quite quiet and very warm about 34 degrees. We all had our swimming costumes and had a bit of a swim as the water wasn't too cold. We had a bit of a laze around then in the sun then it was off to the nearby town for ice creams and some local biscuits. Back then to polientes and we had a couple of beers in the local pub till we got the call that Brian and Paula had arrived. We headed back then to the flat and john got to work on the BBQ cooking stuff with magic fuego. We didn't even watch any telly at all we stayed outside until it was gone midnight and wee could celebrate johns birthday I went indoors after this and managed to get some of the tv channels working in English.
Ran down to the river and towards polientes before turning back. Then we all got in the cars and went to the village in the hillside. I had a beer at the local café. It was about 39 degrees when we got back I had another trip out on the bicycle finding routes along the river ebro before returning to get ready for johns birthday dinner. Thanks to Carolina and Paula we were able to get us all in to two cars there and back we went to the restaurant by the mill and had drinks on the glass floor over the waterfall. We went Into dinner and had far too many starters including hairy prawns and a kind of haggis with black pudding. For main course we had serious servings of steak and dessert was a special cake for John, which we couldn't fin ish by any means so we got a big box to take it away in. When we got back we stayed out talking for ages. Brian was the last to buckle about 3.30 am.
Ran about 5 miles very warm. Said goodbye to Hugo and Carolina and Isla and H. Then went for a bike ride with Brian it was warm and we cycled along through Rocomundo then up to la serna, this was longer and steeper than we expected so we turned back after a 5 km climb and had a beer in the new bar in polientes. Back then to John's and after he had had a quick kip to recover from our exertions we set off into town for a couple of beers at the normal bar before heading back for a BBQ. This time the heat was more even and the sausages and spare ribs were very good. We even had some leftover birthday cake. Afterwards I watched star trek again while john and Brian dozed through various parts of it. To bed quite early as it was an early start in the morning.