Mark's Birthday 17/07/2010

Went to the library and sainsburies first then set off in a very hot car for days inn in haverhill. Got there a little early and waited for Steve and Phyffer to arrive. We checked in and had a little wait for Trevor who had got a bit stuck on the M11. Trevor arrived and we all hopped in a taxi to the queens head at hawkedon. We got there about 4pm and it was very full with the usual suspects. People had certainly been busy buying Mark presents, and the marquee out the back was ery full of folks? Mark had got a whole barrel of beer in but we demolished that in short order and went onto the woodforde wherry and the summer lightning. Was good to see Jeff Anderson and Derek and Richard and family and Tim and Jill and the pubcrawl crew in a slightly warmer setting. Mark had also ordered a humungous roast pig that went down very well and there was a rugby themed cake that was also devoured. Mark made one of his usual speeches and there was also a small band. It was a great day out and O had a grat time, but it didn't stop there as we went back into bury st edmunds first and had some adnams and some very posh fish and chips at the posh hotel before going to the other extreme and having some beer in the Nutshell, my first greene king beer of the day. But we didn't stop there, we even had a drink when we got back to the hotel to keep the wedding crew company. Finally got to bed about 1 am so I didn't mind I had the spare bed.