Mud Runner 08/05/2010

Alarm went off at 6.30 am and we quickly got dressed and had breakfast in some cases, and we actually set off early for the mudrunner, we had a very clear run through london and out through the m4 and Jackie, Adam and Charlene managed to get a bit of sleep in the back, we would have been very early but when we got there we had some difficulty finding the place as the signage was tiny. We were also pleased to see that it was dry when we got there as it had been chucking down on te way. We quickly changed and headed off to the start where we met Kat and her BMF team and decided to set off in the third wave of runners. The start was one long hill but we got over that ok and then headed into some woods, the first obstacle was some large gates set close together to climb over and then we sarted to hit the mud and water which was impressively deep and cold, the ladies legs went an impressive shade of pink when they weren't covered in mud. More obstacles followed a crawl net, some crossed ropes to get through which were in deep mud was probably the hardest then some hand ladders which all the climbers made across then towards the end we had to wade through two very deep ponds that came up to the chest and were very cold, but did wash us off a bit we finished with a commando roll across the line. We unfortunatly didn't have such a good journey back the sat nav took us by the M40 which had a big crash on it. We did have a nice break at the services though and then I dropped the crew off at wembley.



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Mud Runner