Nick's 30th 21/05/2010

Then off to the old explorer at oxford st to meet Nick King for his 30th birthday celebration. Had a beer there then was joined by christine who walked with us to Molton house. We were greeted with a complimentary drink and then quickly set to making our own cocktails. I made a cosmopolitan and lit some orange peel. By this time sid and deidre had arrived and started making there's la dolce vita was playing on the big screen and I got another free cocktail. We went upstairs then and had a go at cognac tasting, which was well presented, but I still didn't like it unfortunately. Back then to the old explorer and the 8thday crew had certainly grown. We had another drink at the old explorer then we set off on a mission and found a sam smiths pub for some more drinks then we moved on again this time to the roxy, we got in alright and I danced for a while but discretion was the better part of valour and I didn't stop too long, which was just as well as I struggled to catch the diverted N25.