Nick Stag 11/06/2010

Just a half day at work. Then set off to northfields station to meet John to get a lift to Corris, we set off about 3pm and we made pretty good time in John's Porsche. We only had a problem with a very low wall as we attempted to park next to Chris and Chris who had just arrived before us, we found Nick at the old school house as he had got there the night before, and we headed for the pub the Slater's arms. Very appropriately they had red stag bitter on tap. We were as surprised as the locals to find there was another stag night in the pub, but we had our own room as we sat down to eat, a welsh beef curry in my case. We had a few drinks as you might and Jon and Leon arrived. And then we started to buy nick shooters. We eventually left about 12.30am. Ben arrived somewhat later when the other stag night were playing the drums, I heard neither.
Up about 9ish and Nick had a bit of a hangover but the rest of us seemed fine. After breakfast and some favving we set off for the mountain, there was quite a lot of reversing on the trip but we finally joined the others at the car park and we set off up the hill. Almost immediately we found a geocache. Chris had got them set up on his phone, and we found a few others during the day. It was pretty hot and there were a lot of red faces and necks apart from myself who had used sunscreen and had a hat with a veil. Eventually myself and Chris pulled away for the others on the long downhill back and we waited in the shade by a ford. It was only a short trip then to get some ice creams. We got back and got changed and a mini bus arrived to take us to mccun The nice hotel unfortunately wasn't doing food due to the football so we settled into a normal pub for the footie, but got a seat right under the screen. There were a number of forfeits to be done during the game and I had to drink when the words attack or defence were mentioned. Chris had to drink when the manager capello was seen on the screen, which meant a good view drinks. John thought he had got off lightly with just having to finish his drink when a red or yellow card was shown, but there were seven and Nick even had to shake hands with 5 locals when USA scored. We moved on after the game to another pub in town and found some wicked red absinthe nearly 70 percent proof. Back then in the mini bus after last orders and the slaters arms was still open so we played killer on the poll table then me cod and nick joined a drinking game with some rather large local ladies before stumbling to bed in the hostel.
Jon and Chris were up early and went for a run which proved to be a mistake for Chris as he fell and gashed his knee badly on some slate. I went for a short walk round the village with Jon and nick then set off back home. Not one of the best journeys, luckily the car was very comfortable. We got stuck outside bala waiting for a triathlon, then we had a flat tyre at llancylis and it took quite a while for the spare to arrive. Luckily a railway exhibition was close and we got some food and drink there.