Nick's Wedding 07/08/2010

Up early and on the tube for Nick's wedding. Got to northfields ahead of schedule which was a bit impressive. The drive up was smooth but it chucked down on a regular basis so we were a bit surprised to find that when we got to the wedding destination that it was actually sunny though a little windy. We arrived at the pub at 2 mins past one and helped Nick get ready for the 2pm ceremony. After those couple of drinks we had a very nice ceremony in the rather small church. Their was guitars and mandolins to serenade the couple and accompany the hymns. After photographs outside we navigated our way to our hotel in glynn ceirog, dropped our bags and proceeded on to the west arms. We were greeted with a traditional Brazilian drink and then went outside for some photos. Thankfully the weather still held off for us. For the dinner I was sitting on a table with Chris bradford, Lucy and a few other folks and our task was to make some plasticine representations of Nick and Zelia, our table was the winner thanks to Chris's story telling. The meal itself was very impressive and we had champagne but this went a bit flat during Chris's best man speech which was quite a long one with plenty of photos. We retired to the bar then while Sandy set up with his band. It certainly was a good gig with an awful lot of dancing. The black eyed peas number a particular success. Then it was time to leave but not for all of us. I caught a taxi back to our hotel with Chris and Gina whilst John retrieved his jacket which had his phone and wallet in it. I waited outside the hotel for a while then waited by the bathroom window till he finally arrive about 2 am.
Had breakfast in the glynn valley hotel then got a cab to the west arms where nick was leading a walk, it was supposed to start at 10.30 but actually left well after 11 am. Myself and John headed as far as his car, and got back to London remarkably quickly.