Parkour 29/04/2010


After work it was time for a bit of Parkour with 8thday. I met Ross and Johan and simon and a good crowd of new folks at vauxhall rail station after a quick jog then we set of with our instructor who had been 2nd in a world championship to a secluded place by a tower block. We warm up with some stretches then hung from some scaffolding and swung from it and did pull ups before heading to the parkour area first was simple jumps onto a wall but we very quickly progressed to a complicated series of leaps and moves around the obstacles taking it in turns to try it the last thing we tried was a series of four concrete pillars followed by a leap into a wall. Didn't quite manage it but made a good effort. Afterwards I joined the frisbee crowd in shepherds market and had a few beers there before setting off with steve and matt to the Roadhouse in covent garden. The evening was going to be a tough one when we started off with pornstar cocktails followed by jager bombs, we carried on though and watched an extremely good band preform a lot of hits. Finally got home with matt and his bike in the back of a taxi after 3am.



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