Simon and Lydia's Wedding 25/07/2010


Had a bit of a kip then set off to the caravan site in Devon for Simon and Lydia's wedding. Allmost immediately run into slow traffic on the A2 before the blackwall tunnel but after that things were ok. Got to the campsite, but the others had gone to the pub and without reception at the campsite I could only wait at the the campsite listening to podcasts of EE doc smith till they got back. The caravan was quite nice though even with having to sleep on the settee with Nick.
Up early at 8.30 am and was the first into the shower. We all gradually got ourselves ready and had coffee and croissants that David and Jacqui had provided. Jumped into the suit and then in Nik's car we went to the three tuns in honiton for a beer with Simon and his brothers and family and tony. We then hopped back in the car and made it to luppitt villaga hall where we met Adele and Dave and Carolin. It looked a bit like rain as we set off to walk up the hill to the ceremony so we took our umbrellas with us, but we needn't have worried the weather stayed fine. We got to the top of the hill first then Lydia arrived with the bridesmaids singing behind her, the humanist ceremony was very good, there were some readings and Simon's friend brett did a song in he had written for Simon and Lydia. We all gave them the ring by threading it through a long piece of string then after the ceremony we retired to the cars where there was plenty of cider to be had while we were entertained by a person on the recorder whilst the wedding photos were taken and confetti was thrown. Down then to the village hall and it wasn't long till the hog roast was available and plenty of desserts, after the speechs it was time for village games. I helped with pin the tail on the donkey that Adele had organised, and there was bash the rat that Nick had done and bobbing for apples that Nik had organised, Jackie had done a pinatta which was popular with the children and there was an avocado shy and limbo etc all of which proved popular, back inside then for more of the cask ale from the local otter brewery and some line dancing. I was even persuaded to take part in one dance. We continued to party till well after midnight and then got a taxi back to the caravan, where we played gargle till 3 am when Nik was the eventual winner after we failed to drown Jackie
Got up about 9.30 and had a very nice breakfast cooked by Nik. Then ran David to the petrol station to get some fuel. We drove then back to luppitt village hall and had a game of rounders before taking a picnic up on the hill. It was a great sunny day for it. Stayed there quite a while before heading back to the hall and then driving back to London. Managed to avoid some problems on the M25 by riving into London on the M3 thanks to google maps, and then some sneaky driving to avoid marble arch problems.