Simon Stag 03/07/2010

Left wwork about 4pm and ran home 7 miles did a bit more packing then set off for wales about 6.30 pm immediately ran into trouble through central london with a demo at parliament which took me an hour and a half to get through. Finally got to the hostel about midnight. It was closed but they had saved me a beer. There was also another two stag nights and a hen night there. The hen was quite friendly and I was soon engaged in an arm wrestle with her and a guy from the other stag. They were not much problem, but Simon's brother certainly was. Was a bit tired after that inconclusive effort. Finally went to bed about 1.30pm was quite tired as had only got 5 hours of sleep or so in the last few days.
Up early at 7.30 am for breakfast in the Mexican bar with the hens, and then we all set off at 8.30am for paintballing. We were actually early when we got there so contented ourselves with playing the a-team and live and let die through my car speakers. Then the girls arrived and we got kitted up in full body armour in my case which was extremely hot and sweaty. Luckily I had bought my demysting spray. The first game saw us attack a hut through some underbrush which was difficult I got through the underbrush and round the back to pick off some of their team. In the second game it was like American football. You had to get a touchdown. There was 5 of their team left, but no one knew I was alive. Their whole team stood up and I shot them. But 2 got across the line. We played it in reverse then had a game of capture the flag which we won, and which I took out some more folks without getting killed then the last game was a reversal with me and nick up in the crows nest on the shed. We held out though our supply of bullets had gone down to nearly zero. There was a final game of shoot the stags with our remaining bullets then it was time for a quick bbq before driving to coasteering. I had actually been to this coasteering site many years before with SP. This time we stayed together as a stag team and set off quite quickly across the barnacles and seaweed, that was on the slatey rock. Few easy jumps to start with and some belly flops and spins, then the jumps got higher. One in particular doubled the height we were jumping from and when Simon touched bottom and Steve hurt his hands. I decided not to give it a go. Just as we were moving away from that area we saw one of the girls come a cropper luckily she wasn't as badly injured as she looked. We made our way back then and while the others did some very large jumps off the old quarry building I traversed around the edge which really warmed me up. Back then to change and get an ice cream then back to the Mexican hostel. Not much time to kip then it was just time for a quick drink in the bar before we headed out to the town in a taxi. The first pub we sat outside in the courtyard and had a beer or two then we popped along to pizza express. I had there hottest pizza but it wasn't that hot. We headed then to the plume of feathers, the smallest pub in wales apparently, and quite full. It was also difficult not to be distracted by the widescreen tv showing con air. We moved on after and we found the rose and crown, we were just about to pass it by when we met the hens, or rather sheep. As the hen was dressed as little bo beep and the rest were sheep. They hadn't had a good time at the disco and were glad to see us and helped us get in for free. We had more drinks in there staying till 2 am and doing a lot of dancing. The pub then closed and we headed back to the hostel luckily ourselves and the hens had each purchased a bottle of vodka and coke to drink so the party continued. I thought it wouldn't however last much longer as the vodka was going fast and it was quite cool outside. However I was quite wrong and nick got to bed about 6am.
No one had much enthusiasm in the morning, but we finally set off to the beach in the rain about 11.30 am we walked along the beach for a while then found a tea room for tea and bacon rolls. The others then headed home then myself Simon nick and David explored the ruined castle before a pub lunch of scampi. Then it was time for the long drive home. I had to have a kip at one point was feeling quite tired.