TAM London 16/10/2010

Left work just before 4pm and rushed over to the eye to do the frog tour. It was good fun and learnt a bit about London. Was impressed the machine was from the 2nd world war. We then caught the jubilee line to canary wharf and the docklands to Greenwhich. We had drink in the old brewery and another in the yacht, before heading off on a version of the ale trail. Taking in the pubs along the north bank of the Thames. So we hit the town of Ramsgate and the like had a good few beers before finally getting on the last train home.
Did have a bit of a sore throat but managed to get up early enough to register for TAM in the Hilton at edgware rd. Adam had found out that his little boy had meningitis so had been up all night. Richard Wiseman was the conference compare and Randi was looking a lot better and sharper. Sue Blackmore talked about esp and there was a panel with Simon Singh and David Allen green and Evan Harris with the sense about science woman. Lunch was a big buffet there was a good thousand people to be served. Adam went back to his room to check on the progress of his son, and we met up again at tea break after the event we went to the sports bar in the Hilton and chatted to a girl cecilia ho joined us for a beer. We then set off to brick lane for a nice curry.
Sore throat pretty bad so stayed in bed when I heard Adam had gone back to America and missed Alan Moore and Stephen fry.